New management and changes TBD...

- Paul Swiergosz
Loved living here the past 15 months. New management team has taken over and so far there have been a few incidents that are causing me concern. I was going to sign a 12 month extension later this month. Now I might just do it for a 90-day trial.

+ Concierge and maintenance staff are friendly and absolutely top notch - I cannot stress this enough. It's like family here.
- Elevator issues are very problematic
+ Neighborhood is excellent
- Building starting to trend to U Tampa students which is a little concerning (already the stains on the carpets, empty liquor/cans, and the smell of pot is VERY noticable)
- New parking garage gates have been a disaster
- Gym is too small - most residents have asked for it to be expanded yet the lounge no one uses takes up a majority of the space
+ Pool is excellent, shaded
- Changed resident portal without notice